Study Abroad Travelers

Embarking on a study abroad program is an exciting venture that opens up the mind and gives students, faculty and staff a broader, global view of the world. GeoBlue brings peace of mind to students—and parents—and lets them focus on experiencing a rich, new culture.


Concierge-Level Service

With GeoBlue, members get concierge-level service, meaning it’s prompt and easy to get care when they need it, wherever they are. For administrators, GeoBlue is the one-call solution for any problem.


Cashless Medical Care

GeoBlue works closely with its community of providers to bill them directly so members don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses during care—whether it’s inpatient or outpatient.


Student Websites & Tools

While abroad, members can use GeoBlue’s mobile apps and digital tools to help them locate care, translate medical terms and medications, get notified about health and safety alerts, and read the latest in security.


Community of Providers

When your members need care abroad, they can reach out to one of GeoBlue’s hand-picked providers—general and specialty physicians, dentists, and other health providers in 190 countries.

Emergency Evacuation Coordination

With international travel, there’s always a small risk of political unrest or other emergency situations. GeoBlue provides political evacuation services should your members’ location become unsafe.

Need Help?

Whether you are looking for assistance with your plan options, setting up a new program, filing a claim, accessing the Global Health & Safety team or contacting customer service, we are here to help.