Inbound International Travelers

For non-U.S. students enrolled in U.S. institutions of higher learning, GeoBlue makes students’ transition to the United States smooth and gives them peace of mind during their visit. Our core strength is service, and we work with international students to ensure they stay safe and healthy while they’re in the States.


Concierge-Level Service

With GeoBlue, students get concierge-level service, meaning it’s prompt and easy to get care when they need it, wherever they are. One phone number connects each student to a GeoBlue representative who can help with routine requests or medical emergencies.


Cashless Medical Care

With access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, members don’t have to worry about filing claims, whether getting inpatient or outpatient care.


Student Websites & Tools

While in the United States, students can use GeoBlue’s mobile apps and digital tools to help them locate care, translate medical terms, useful phrases and medications, and get notified about health and safety issues.


Community of Providers

Members will stay safe and healthy while in the United States with access to over 92% of physicians and 96% of hospitals.

Need Help?

Whether you are looking for assistance with your plan options, setting up a new program, filing a claim, accessing the Global Health & Safety team or contacting customer service, we are here to help.