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Review your institution’s plan details, build and manage travel rosters and enrollments and view and run reports, transactions and plan-specific information. Assist students by downloading claim forms and student ID cards.

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Powering Travelers Around the World

No matter where your students and staff are traveling, service travels with them. Your travelers can easily access healthcare services, claims information, medical translation services and travel alerts online or from the GeoBlue app.

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Sales for Group Programs

GeoBlue Student Sales Team
Email:  studentsales@geo-blue.com

Sales for Individual Students

Call from 8am - 8pm EST
Inside the U.S. 1-855-481-6647
Outside the U.S. +1-610-254-5850
Email:  sales@geo-blue.com

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What's New

Touch ID for GeoBlue App

GeoBlue members can now sign in to the GeoBlue all with their fingerprint on iOS devices that support this feature.

New Contracted Facility

Students studying in Bilbao, Spain now have access to Clinica Virgen Blanca, centrally located close to the Basílica de Begoña.

Download the Mobile App

The GeoBlue mobile app puts our concierge-level service right in your hand. Manage your health wherever you are by searching for healthcare providers, requesting appointments, setting up direct billing and providing proof of coverage. Use the translation tool to help you schedule your doctor visit or ensure you’re getting the right dose of the right medication. With the app, you can also view security profiles and read travel alerts to make your journey safer.

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Did You Know?

How can I register for geobluestudents.com?

If you have a GeoBlue group plan through your school or institution, you can register for the site anytime using the certificate number that appears on the ID card. If you haven't received your ID card, please contact your school's advisor or administrator.

If you are required to enroll in your school's group plan directly on the GeoBlue Students website using a Group Access Code that your advisor provides you, you must still register for the site using the certificate number that appears on the ID card you will receive in the mail.

What is a Guarantee of Payment?

GeoBlue issues a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) to define the charges GeoBlue has agreed to pay for medically necessary services; it clearly indicate any applicable copayments, coinsurance or deductibles that are the responsibility of the patient. Contracted providers may contact GeoBlue directly for a GOP prior to providing medical treatment. The Direct Pay process generates a GOP.

How do I find participating providers outside the U.S. and avoid claim forms?

Visit admin.geobluestudents.com to find providers and request Direct Pay, or contact GeoBlue 24/7 at +1-610-254-8771.

You can also search for providers and request Direct Pay through the GeoBlue app available through the App Store and Google Play .

Request Direct Pay at least 48 hours prior to the appointment for optimal service.