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Easy Access to Healthcare Anywhere in the World

Help your student manage their healthcare no matter their location. Find hand-picked healthcare providers, request appointments, and view claims and plan details.

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Travel Alerts and Country Information

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HIPAA: Privacy of Your Student's Health Information

As your student prepares for their study abroad program, you can have peace of mind knowing they are covered with GeoBlue. As a planning step, discuss who might need to be kept informed during a medical situation with your student. In compliance with HIPAA, your student's health information is private and can only be shared with third parties they authorize to have access to this information.

To grant a parent, guardian, or school official with access to student claims data or other medical information managed through GeoBlue, your student should complete the  HIPAA release form (pdf) and share a copy with their program administrator, parent or authorized individual. Read more on HIPAA here (pdf).

Peace of Mind with GeoBlue

While student travelers visit new global locales they’ll have access to more than 7,000 hand-picked international medical providers in 190 countries. Our healthcare providers, including physicians and dentists, speak English and are Western-trained, so you can be sure your student is getting the highest level of care.
Students traveling to the United States have access to a countrywide network of over 700,000 preferred healthcare providers, including 4,000 hospitals. And, GeoBlue’s concierge-level service means you can easily reach us with one call –whether it’s a question about routine healthcare or a life-saving medical need.